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Scary Good Advertising Opportunities for Small Businesses

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Temperatures are dropping, people are bundling up, and the familiar scent of pumpkin spice is wafting through the air. Beneath this cozy blanket of fall also lies the spine-tingling realization that all is not right this Huluween. The spirit of Uluh has possessed Hulu and is desperate to sneak her way on screen as viewers cuddle up to binge watch chilling classics and horrifying originals.

Over 50% of Hulu viewers watched Huluween content last October

If you’re an advertiser looking to reach viewers with an unforgettable ad experience during the spookiest time of year, Hulu Ad Manager is here for you. More than half of Hulu viewers watched a Huluween title last October!1 What’s more, 20% of Hulu viewers surveyed stated that they love to binge the Suspense/Thriller/Horror genre.2 And lucky for you, Hulu Ad Manager can help get your business right in front of these captivated audiences.

most binged shows huluween 2020

With Hulu Ad Manager, advertisers can easily reach the Huluween audience by targeting based on program genre, such as Horror and Suspense or Science Fiction.

Huluween 2020 audience insights

People are increasingly turning to streaming, and we’re seeing the effects of that shift. Last October, we saw a 21% year-over-year increase in total minutes watched when it came to Huluween content!

21% increase minutes watched Huluween

Hulu viewers are hungrily devouring Huluween content — and the ads that appear on the platform. This presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to get their message in front of an engaged (albeit a bit frightened) audience, and with Hulu Ad Manager, advertisers of all sizes now have access to Hulu’s 110 million ad-supported viewers. RSVP now to learn more about Hulu Ad Manager and get access to our new self-service ad platform.

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