DisneyCampaign Manager

Your simple solution for streaming TV ad buying that provides access to engaged audiences and premium Disney Streaming content.

Set up, launch, and optimize your campaigns all in one easy-to-use platform.

The Power of Disney's Automation

All of the capabilities and resources your streaming TV campaign demands, available all hours of the day.

Speed to Market

Set up and launch a campaign within minutes

Choice & Control

Plan, measure, and optimize campaigns in near real time, all in one dashboard

Engaged Audiences

Access to a generation of streamers with the largest ad-supported reach

Premium Content

With endless entertainment that has all the TV fans want and love

How It Works

From campaign creation to optimization, getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Manage Your Schedule & Budget

Choose when you want your campaign to run and get started with flexible budget parameters.


Determine Your Audience

Target by location, interest, program genre, and more.*
*Depending on type of ad.


Measure & Optimize Your Performance

See campaign performance in near

The Reach You Need to Succeed

An industry-leading combination of content, ad-supported audiences, and engagement.


Monthly US Viewers





Monthly US Viewers: ComScore Custom Ad Supported Reach Report, March 2022-February 2023
Cord-Cutters: Monthly Average MRI 2023 November Cord Evolution (SU23 USA)

Success Stories

Advertisers are finding success with Disney Campaign Manager.

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New York Institute of Technology

Disney Campaign Manager is a game-changer for agencies looking to drive results for their clients’ video advertising campaigns. The intuitive platform, premium inventory, precise targeting, and exceptional client service have been instrumental in helping us deliver impressive performance and ROI for our clients.

Having access to this level of targeting and customization helped our budget work harder for us.

Being able to log into a dashboard at any time to look at performance is something that we have never had before with linear TV campaigns.

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