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Quantify Fitness Gains Credibility and Customers

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Sometimes the best way to communicate your value proposition is through video. Imagery is two-dimensional and words alone can only say so much. Video demonstrations with real people, on the other hand, can tap right into the hearts of viewers.

There’s also an incredibly valuable credibility boost that comes when your ad appears alongside bigger brands and high-quality content. Historically, there has been a gap for smaller brands who strive for this credibility but are challenged by high costs and the complexity of media buying. Hulu Ad Manager has begun to close this gap by providing a way for businesses of all sizes to advertise on Streaming TV.

Quantify Fitness is a “smart gym” that tracks user data and helps gym-goers maximize their workout in the shortest amount of time. We interviewed founder Josh Jarrett who is no stranger to video advertising, but had never advertised on Streaming TV until recently.

Hulu: Can you give us a little bit of background on Quantify Fitness, who your customers are, and who you’re trying to reach?

Josh: We are one of the world’s first smart gyms. We cater to people who want to be healthy and fit, but either don’t like exercise or find it hard to find the time to exercise. So, our clients can come in and exercise for just 10 minutes a week. And using a combination of specialty equipment, technology, and data, people are able to see how much progress they are making from workout to workout. The smart gym leverages the whole “minimum effective dose” with quantifiable results.

Hulu: Why did you end up choosing Hulu?

Josh: We’ve tried pretty much every advertising channel, and while they all have their pros and cons, there were a couple of big pros that stood out to me about Hulu:


Since we only have one location, we have been using geo-targeting on Facebook and Instagram, usually within a 10-15 mile radius. On Hulu, we target using zip codes. Our demographics tend to consist of those people 35 years of age and up with college degrees and a higher household income.

The reason for targeting those 35 years and older is because we have learned that once you get past a certain age, you start to appreciate efficiency as life gets busier. In contrast, when you’re in your 20s, being in the gym is more likely to be part of your lifestyle.


We have begun to focus exclusively on video. It’s hard to get people to believe that working out for 10 minutes will get results. Having explanatory-type content in the form of video and testimonials is helpful. However, with broadcast TV, you get too broad of an audience, which makes it cost-prohibitive for a single-location, brick-and-mortar business like ours. This makes the geo-targeting critical for us, and Hulu Ad Manager made it possible for us to be efficient and effective with our campaign dollars.

Hulu is more established and has more content than the newer, emerging platforms.

Apple TV doesn’t have advertising. YouTube does, but that platform also has other content, user-generated content, unlike Hulu. The high-quality content on Hulu attracts a certain kind of audience, and so it’s been a really good fit for us between the audience targeting and our focus on video.


We started advertising on Hulu last August, and October was our best month ever! Pre-holiday, we paused a bit, but during Thanksgiving and Christmas, we saw that people started thinking about health for the new year.

We’ve had people comment that they saw the ads on Hulu. We track acquisition costs every month, making sure we’re acquiring customers within our marketing allowable. For us, it’s like, how much did we spend this month? How many customers did we acquire? Did that get better or worse?

Hulu was ideal for us because it allows a small, local brand to potentially be on TV right after a big brand. That brings more credibility to the advertiser.

Hulu: Is there anything else you wanted to share about your experience?

Josh: Our experience with Hulu has been great. I don’t think that a lot of small businesses could afford to do TV advertising without a solution like this. It’s simply too costly to advertise on TV without the ability to geo-target as specifically as you can with Hulu.

I don’t think that a lot of small businesses could afford to do TV advertising without a solution like this.

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Thanks again for sitting down with us, Josh! Advertising through video can be powerful, effective, and perhaps the best option for your business. It’s easy and affordable to get started on our self-service platform, Hulu Ad Manager. Click here to learn more and see ow you can boost your business and engage customers through video.

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