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Manny’s Sweet Treats Connects with Local Dessert Lovers

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What I like most about being on Hulu is it makes me feel like my story is super cool, and I am bigger than I am.”


Manny’s Sweet Treats has become a beloved destination for Long Island locals and tourists alike and has built up a significant social media presence with its wild and inventive dessert videos. But, according to owner Hector Carvalho, the popularity wasn’t gained without some strategic marketing on his part.

Hector was admittedly a bit naive when he first opened shop, and he utilized outdated forms of marketing like newspaper ads. Unhappy with the results, Hector turned to social media. Posts went viral, customers flocked in. When Hector discovered that Hulu Ad Manager gave small businesses like his the ability to advertise on Hulu, he jumped on the opportunity. 

Whatever works on Instagram and TikTok, I put on Hulu, and it translates quite well. When I put those ads on Hulu, we saw people were buying more of [the featured] items. It was a direct correlation between sales and the ad.”

Watch Hector’s story above and make streaming TV a part of your marketing mix today.

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