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What the Streaming TV Revolution Means for Dealership Marketing

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Automotive dealerships gathered live at The Mirage in Las Vegas from October 12-14 to share best practices and meet solution providers across the spectrum of digital transformation. The Hulu Ad Manager team showed up, too, sharing the stage with Disney Ad Sales Local for three days of thought leadership, networking, and fun.

The unspoken theme at Digital Dealer was one of revival and recovery—not of just the live event spaces that bring us together, but also of an industry in recovery from crippling inventory shortages that’s very much looking forward to a breakthrough year in 2022.

Disney kicked off the conference in style with a keynote presentation from Julie DeTraglia, Senior Vice President, Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution. Speaking to a standing-room-only audience, Julie shared insights and statistics about the continued growth of streaming TV audiences, the behaviors associated with streaming viewership, and what dealership marketers should know when preparing to try advertising on streaming TV.

Watch highlights of Julie’s keynote:

Thinking about trying streaming TV advertising? Many auto dealerships have already discovered the power of Hulu Ad Manager, a simple self-service solution that allows businesses of all sizes to advertise alongside trusted, premium TV content for as little as $500 per campaign.

You can even target buyers in the market for a new car, truck, SUV, or RV. And when vehicle inventory availability is lean, dealerships can use TV to build and maintain the awareness that earns the nod from the buyer when cars and trucks are more widely available.

Streaming TV campaigns are also a great way to repurpose video ads you may already have in-hand for channels like social. Just another reason to take a good look at the streaming landscape for opportunities to raise your marketing game and win more deals.

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