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The 6 Ps of Powerful Video Ad Creation

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Did you know nearly 49 million households only watch TV on a streaming platform? 1 Video ads on streaming platforms can be cost effective, easy, and user friendly—no matter how big or small your business and budget. That means, even with the holiday season quickly approaching, you still have time to create an engaging video ad for Streaming TV. Here’s a quick view of a step-by-step process you can follow to create an effective ad EVERY time.


Find a creative partner who can champion your ideas and make your vision a reality.

Take a look at their past work for proof of quality, and ask questions about the budget and timeline of each project. Check out Hulu’s curated list of creative partners that work with businesses of all sizes.


In collaboration with your creative team, determine your key message and who you’re talking to.

Be crystal clear and laser focused to make it easier for your audience to connect. Make sure you know what you want your consumer to know, feel, or do after seeing your ad.


Decide on style. Create something imaginative with animation, use humor for relatability, or tug at heartstrings with heartfelt story.

63% of top performing campaigns from emerging brands on Hulu had the first branding moment within zero seconds of the ad beginning. 2 Always remember to honor your brand standards.


Figure out where your ad will be seen. Work out technical considerations like horizontal vs. vertical, and consider if the ad will need to be understood without sound. Make sure you have options for TV vs social videos, stills, and GIFs.


Reverse engineer your project by first considering location and the type of talent (voiceover, extras, actors). Based on your location and talent decisions, you can then set a budget and deadlines to create a timeline that will keep the work flowing.

Whether your ad is live shoot or computer animation, keep production quality high with clear sound and high-res images. Even the simplest video can shine with solid production and editing.


More than 1-in-3 households with Streaming TV use Hulu3, and our self-service solution makes delivery of your video simple. Upload, target, and measure the performance of your video ads all in one platform. Hulu makes it simple for businesses of all sizes to get started, starting as low as $500 per campaign.

We’re excited to see what you create! Get more tips and tricks for producing amazing, quality video ads by checking out Getting Started With Streaming Ads: An Advertising Playbook for Streaming TV. Learn more about Hulu’s self-service ad solution platform here.

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