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Opening Self-Service Access to Small and Midsize Agencies

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The Hulu Ad Manager journey started with the goal of democratizing access to streaming TV advertising through automation and technology, building inroads for small and midsize businesses to buy, measure, and optimize campaigns on Hulu within an easy-to-use dashboard. We made it possible for businesses of all sizes to get their message in front of Hulu’s 115 million ad-supported viewers.

After successfully opening the streaming TV advertising doors to these businesses, we are beginning to expand access to small and midsize agencies. In the second development phase of our self-service solution, we are starting with a pilot program and are welcoming agencies from the local, performance, and independent marketplaces to participate,  As we continue to grow, agencies will also have a complete solution to start running campaigns on-demand and capitalize on real-time trends with access to performance data in near real-time.

We are excited to continue empowering advertisers with frictionless and automated tools to drive success. Discover more about the expansion of our self-service solution and how it fits within Disney Advertising’s Unrivaled portfolio known for bold storytelling and tools that prove effectiveness and outcomes. And if you haven’t already, RSVP to try Hulu Ad Manager for yourself. 

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