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Disney Campaign Manager Brings the Magic of Streaming TV to Small Business Expo NYC

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This June, Disney Advertising’s Disney Campaign Manager (formerly Hulu Ad Manager) team showed up in full force at the Small Business Expo in New York City – one of the country’s largest small business networking and educational events –  to talk about all things streaming TV. Our unrelenting focus on redefining the way advertisers connect with audiences through automation and technology doesn’t waver when it comes to small businesses, and we took to the stage to share how small business owners can take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities created by streaming TV to get their brand message in front of a highly engaged audience. Streaming isn’t just for the Fortune 500 anymore. 

Hulu Ad Manager Small Business Expo

From a keynote presentation by Disney Advertising’s Vice President of Self-Service, Sylvester “Sly” Phifer, to two hands-on workshops, Small Business Expo attendees had many opportunities to meet our team throughout the day. To ensure everyone walked away with actionable insights to help kickstart their streaming TV journey, we shared proprietary research about the evolution of streaming, changes in consumer purchase behavior, and best practices for creating successful and memorable video ads. (Given that 90% of Americans between the ages of 13-54 actively stream content these days1 – and 35% of viewers use their devices to shop products being advertised2 – it’s more important than ever to create ads that inspire both awareness and action!)  Attendees also got live demos of the Disney Campaign Manager platform and were able to see just how easy it is for businesses of all sizes to get their ads up and running on a premium streaming platform like Hulu. 

Hulu Ad Manager Streaming TV Advertising Team Small Business Expo

It has always been our mission to meet with small business owners and identify ways in which Disney Campaign Manager can enable them to reach their business goals, and we loved having the opportunity to do so in person. We’ll be returning to the Small Business Expo in Los Angeles on September 8th, so register now and we’ll see you there! 

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