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Disney Campaign Manager: Pioneering the Future of Streaming TV Advertising

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Since launching Disney Campaign Manager in 2020, we’ve welcomed over 4,200 brands and 1,000 agencies onto our platform. The introduction of Disney Campaign Manager lowered the barrier of entry and gave businesses of all sizes the ability to run their campaigns within our content. In 2023 alone, we made proprietary Disney Select audience segments available to advertisers on our platform, opened the door to political advertisers, released new account management features that make it easy for advertisers to manage multiple brands and platform users, and more. We’ve also introduced a host of features that make it easier than ever for you to harness the power of Disney’s automation to reach engaged consumers in a premium, brand-safe environment.

Recently, we introduced the capability to support campaigns featuring multiple ads, allowing advertisers to diversify messaging within a single campaign and optimize performance like never before. You can now add up to three ads per campaign, assign delivery weighting preference for each ad, and swap out ads even after your campaign goes live. We’ve also rolled out support for VAST tags, which gives you the ability to integrate video ads across platforms and launch campaigns with ease.

Unveiling New Horizons for Streaming Success

In the spirit of providing you with greater choice and control over your streaming TV campaigns, we’ll be introducing even more flexible billing capabilities – including aggregate, threshold, and third-party – in the coming months. These capabilities can help streamline your financial processes and allow for more efficient management of your advertising budgets.

Finally, in addition to all of the fan-favorite networks currently available on Hulu (including ABC, Freeform, FX, Hulu Originals, Live Sports, National Geographic, and so much more), advertisers will be able to access Disney+ inventory through Disney Campaign Manager later this year.

Get Started with Disney Campaign Manager

Advertising on streaming TV doesn’t have to be complicated. With Disney Campaign Manager, you can reach high-value audiences using a wide selection of targeting parameters (include demographic, geographic, and more, depending on type of advertising), measure your campaign performance in near real-time, and launch a campaign in minutes once your ad has been approved – all in one platform. It’s simple yet powerful, and it’s only getting better. Get started now to unleash the power of Disney’s automation for you and your clients.

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