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How will my billing be affected if I pause or cancel a campaign?

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If you pause or cancel your campaign, Hulu will stop delivering impressions. You will only be charged for delivered impressions, including any that run during the short period while we process your pause or cancellation request.

If you resume a paused campaign before it is scheduled to end, impression delivery and associated charging will resume on a regular billing schedule or based on your billing threshold if your organization is on threshold billing.

Note: Threshold billing is in the process of being rolled out. With threshold billing, you are charged for delivered impressions for campaigns when they reach or exceed your organization’s billing threshold amount in your Ad Accounts as a cumulative total. You will also be charged for the balance of accrued delivered impressions on each Ad Account at the end of the month for standard campaigns or at the end of the week for political campaigns regardless of whether or not your threshold was previously met during that month or week, respectively. If you see an “Autopayment Threshold” amount in the organization details in your user profile, it is available to you now.

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