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Keeping It Local

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The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly impacted us all, and we’ve had to adjust our lifestyles in more ways than we could have imagined. Business owners of all sizes are among the many who experienced challenges this past year, including finding ways to stay afloat while also maintaining their customer base.

According to research from the National Retail Federation,


Increasingly, people are shopping at small businesses instead of at big-box stores. Here’s what we learned about this shift:

The pandemic supercharged the “shop local” mindset and has been instrumental in highlighting the importance of small businesses in our economic makeup.

Shopping locally provides consumers with a different, more personalized, experience. When it comes to shopping at local/small businesses, Hulu viewers agree…



The local love is stronger than ever. When Hulu viewers were asked to play a little game of would you rather, we learned that their love for local businesses runs deep!

Hulu viewers also noted that they’re more likely to shop local for meals, jewelry, and/or furniture. And although the holidays are still far away, around two in three are already planning to shop at small and local businesses when finding the perfect holiday gifts.

More than half would rather shop at a local clothing store than a chain clothing retailer. And, when it comes to food, 93% would rather eat at a local restaurant versus a chain restaurant and 82% would rather buy produce at a local grocery store/farmers market versus a major supermarket.

When it comes to choosing where to shop, Hulu viewers are most influenced by:


Knowing that Hulu viewers can be swayed by free shipping, promotions, and the ability to shop online, business owners and marketers should highlight these offerings in future ads, particularly ads served directly to the Hulu audience via Hulu’s self-service advertising solution.

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Source: Hulu Huddle, Small/Local/BIPOC Businesses, July 2021